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WA Insolvency Solutions is one of Western Australia’s most prominent insolvency accounting practices and was owned by Kim Strickland and Chris Williamson, who have worked together for over twenty-seven (27) years. 

On 22 September 2014, the business merged with Jirsch Sutherland, one of the largest and most prominent practices in the insolvency industry on the eastern seaboard.

The WA practice trades as WA Insolvency Solutions and is expanding its business in the Western Australian market by continuing to provide high quality professional advice on insolvency related matters.

WA Insolvency Solutions has twenty-four (24) staff members and four (4) partners being Kim Strickland, Chris Williamson, David Hurt and Jimmy Trpcevski.

With four (4) registered Liquidators and four (4) Trustees in Bankruptcy, our team is highly experienced in providing formal corporate and personal insolvency services.  We are industry leaders in Western Australia in conducting Voluntary Administrations (“VA’s”) and Creditors Voluntary Liquidations (“CVL’s”).

Our senior staff members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all insolvency appointments and industries.  They have experience in national and international firms and associations, specialising in insolvency appointments.

Having the support and stability of our staff, we have been able to build, develop and continue strong relationships with accountants, lawyers and other professional advisors, financial institutions and stakeholders throughout various industries within Western Australia and Australia.  This stability and familiarity is a big part of our success.

Our constant objective is to consider all options, with a view to maximising the return to creditors, while at the same time minimising the financial and emotional stress experienced by those with financial difficulties.

In cementing our position as an industry leader, in 2015 / 2016 WA Insolvency Solutions undertook more VA’s than any other firm and nearly twice as many CVL’s as our nearest competitor (source:  ASIC Insolvency Notices).  In total, WA Insolvency Solutions commenced more than twice as many corporate insolvencies in 2015 / 2016 than its nearest competitor (source: WA Business News 20 June 2016).

We undertake to provide an initial free consultation of professional advice to potential clients, their accountants, bankers and solicitors and other professional advisors.

Whether you are looking for help with your company, business or personal affairs, we can help you find a solution for your financial problems.

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