Members Voluntary Liquidation

WA Insolvency Solutions has extensive experience in the winding up of solvent companies operating in a variety of industries.  The assets and circumstances in every case are unique.

A Members Voluntary Liquidation (“MVL’s”) is a process which enables the assets of a solvent company to be distributed (or transferred) to shareholder(s) with the following benefits:

  • the transfer of assets to the shareholder(s) is generally exempt from stamp duty;
  • the distribution of pre-CGT capital profits to shareholder(s) is generally tax free in the hands of the shareholder(s);
  • it provides the ability to simultaneously transfer farming land from a company to the shareholder(s) and then to the shareholder’s children or other family members (also at nominal stamp duty) via family farming property transfer exemption;
  • the shareholder(s) are able to freely and independently deal with their share of the distributed assets.  This includes the ability to sell or mortgage assets, invest a cash distribution in superannuation, or payout long-term personal borrowings;
  • the transferred assets may be held in a more tax effective and simplified manner; and
  • the removal of cumbersome and costly company structures that are no longer required.

MVL’s are instigated by the director(s) and shareholder(s) and can be implemented usually within one (1) day.

The director(s) and shareholder(s) decide who the Liquidator will be.

For further information regarding MVL’s please contact our office.

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