Urth Energy Pty Ltd is no longer retailing electricity

On 1 February 2017, Bradd Morelli and Stewart Free were appointed as Joint & Several Voluntary Administrators of Urth Energy Pty Limited. We have been requested by the Australian Energy Regulator (“AER”) to make the following information available to customers.


“Urth Energy Pty Ltd is no longer retailing electricity. The government has put in place a scheme called the retailer of last resort scheme.

This means that all customers of Urth Energy will be transferred to another retailer and do not lose their energy supply. The Australian Energy Regulator is responsible for administering the retailer of last resort scheme.

“The Australian Energy Regulator has appointed new retailers to service former customers of Urth Energy. For information on who your new retailer is, answers to frequently asked questions and information on how to shop around, please go to the Australian Energy Regulator’s website at www.aer.gov.au or alternatively, call their RoLR hotline on 1300 055 390.”

Urth Energy will be sending you your final bill shortly. Urth Energy will apply any payments made in advance to your account and take steps to cancel any direct debit arrangements. You can continue to pay your bill via your normal payment method.

If you wish to speak with Urth Energy regarding you bill or any other matter, please call 02 9236 8214 and leave a message.

WA Insolvency Solutions