A subscription-only service that guides credit managers
through the insolvency maze

Dealing with insolvency is stressful for all but especially for credit managers who face many frustrations and challenges during this time. This is why we created Insolvency Intelligence for Credit Managers. This exclusive, subscription-only service provides members with practical and strategic advice on all corporate and personal insolvency matters.

Insolvency Intelligence for Credit Managers is the first service of its type that caters to credit managers. The exclusive member benefits include:

  • Access to a free telephone helpdesk;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Training and presentations;
  • Access to a knowledge database; and
  • Regular newsletters.

Telephone help desk for credit managers

As part of the service, members have access to a free telephone helpdesk that guides credit managers through the most common challenges they are likely to face. The telephone helpdesk comprises an expert team of Jirsch Sutherland insolvency and turnaround specialists who offer practical information and guidance about corporate and personal insolvency to assist credit managers in their jobs.

The Insolvency Intelligence for Credit Managers telephone helpdesk offers credit managers expert help and support around the following:

  • Completing a Proxy or Proof of Debt
  • Protocol for creditor meetings
  • Corporate insolvency procedures
    • Voluntary Administration
    • Liquidation
    • Receivership
  • Personal insolvency procedures
  • Debt recovery practicalities
  • Debt settlement and negotiation
  • Building customer management networks
  • Trading term negotiations

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Our specialists also help you identify the warning signs should you suspect insolvency (or even if you don’t) and will discuss possible solutions around mitigating risk or recovery procedures. We can also help you navigate the recent changes to corporate insolvency laws.

Insights & Stats: Did you know?

  • There were 305,085 business exits in Australia in 2021-221
  • B2B payment terms in the Australian market average 37 days, with an average 42% of invoices overdue2
  • The top three nominated causes of business failures in 2018-19 were:
    • Inadequate cash flow or high cash use
    • Poor strategic management
    • Trading losses3

Why contact Insolvency Intelligence for Credit Managers?

Our specialists are friendly and approachable – which is what you need when dealing with the insolvency minefield. But we also understand the day-to-day challenges of working in credit (including dealing with sales teams). We understand the issues credit professionals are facing, particularly around preferential payments.

Another key reason is our national reach. Jirsch Sutherland has a presence in every state and we pride ourselves on having developed a deep understanding of local issues that affect you at a grassroots level.

Credit and cash-flow problems can get out of hand quickly. Insolvency Intelligence for Credit Managers can help you to mitigate the risk and help with debtor turnaround.

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You can contact Insolvency Intelligence for Credit Managers on 1300 265 753 or email intelligence@jirschsutherland.com.au

1Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits, July 2018 – June 2022, ABS
2Payment Practices Barometer Australia – May 2022, Atradius Collections
3Insolvency Statistics: External administrators’ reports (July 2018 – June 2019), ASIC

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