Insolvency Solutions, Recovery & Turnaround Services

Working to support and protect our clients. Our aim is to deliver a fair outcome for all stakeholders.

The heart of our business is the lasting relationships that we have built with business people, financiers, and accounting and legal firms of all sizes and in all corners of the country. They know that we will always support them and look after their clients. Whatever the problems, whatever the circumstances.

When businesses are facing significant and sensitive financial issues, emotions run high. For owners, partners, managers, employees, creditors and many others, the stress is real and has often built over a prolonged and challenging period.

We can’t make bad news entirely disappear. However, we can find the best possible way forward for our clients. That means supporting and protecting them, being absolutely candid about what can and cannot be achieved, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and respectfully, and bringing about a resolution as swiftly as humanly possible.

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Corporate Insolvency ServicesCorporate solutions for businesses experiencing financial distress

Corporate Insolvency

A company that cannot pay its debts when they are due is considered to be insolvent. There are several warning signs that a company may become insolvent…

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If a company is in financial difficulty, a receiver may be appointed to take control of some or all of its assets to ensure the payment of secured creditors…

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When the assets of a business are liquidated, it means they are converted into cash. This situation spells the end for the business, as with stock, equipment…

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Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA)

A DOCA can help a company avoid liquidation and remain in business allowing it to continue with all or some of its usual business operations…

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Small Business Restructuring

As Small Business Restructuring Practitioners, our Registered Liquidators ensure you benefit from the insolvency reforms. Jirsch Sutherland’s Registered Liquidators have vast experience in restructuring small businesses…

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Voluntary Administration (VA) Experts

Voluntary Administrations (VAs) allow insolvent companies to continue to operate, or, if this is not possible, they provide for a greater return to creditors than they would otherwise receive if the business was liquidated…

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Personal Insolvency Services For IndividualsPersonal insolvency solutions for individuals experiencing financial distress

Personal Insolvency

To many, bankruptcy is the first word that springs to mind when insolvency is mentioned. But this is not the only option available – another is a personal insolvency agreement…

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Personal Insolvency Agreement

PIAs are flexible.  Once the proposal is accepted by creditors, the PIA legally binds the creditors and allows for full and final settlement of the debts…

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The first thing to understand is that bankruptcy is not the end of the world. It can, in fact, be a new beginning – a chance to start again with a fresh slate…

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Business Consulting ServicesOur specialist financial advice and accounting support will help you and your team reach your business goals

Business Consulting

Maintaining a healthy cash flow, formulating a robust business model and implementing strong financial reporting processes are some of the sure-fire ways Jirsch Sutherland can help your business grow and prosper…

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Safe Harbour

Company directors seeking Safe Harbour protection need to engage an Appropriately Qualified Entity (AQE) such as Jirsch Sutherland to take on the role…

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Company Restructuring

As a company director, a restructure can potentially turn around a company that is underperforming and in financial stress and steer it clear of becoming insolvent…

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Financial Strategy

Whatever your financial goals are, Jirsch Sutherland’s team of business strategists take your ideas, formulate sustainable plans, and execute them tactically so they can ultimately become reality…

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Debt Agreements

A Debt Agreement is a legally binding arrangement between a debtor and a creditor in which the debtor repays a percentage of the combined total amount owed over a set time period…

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Forensic Accounting

Behind our services stands a team of specialists – among the very few in Australia who are trained and qualified in the financial, legal, investigative and analytical aspects of Forensic Accounting…

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Business Advisory

Jirsch Sutherland’s business advisory services are headed up by qualified, experienced liquidators. It means we are experienced, understand the law and the solutions available…

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WA Insolvency Solutions