Our personal insolvency experts can help individuals deal with creditors

Personal insolvency occurs when you’re unable to pay your debts. If this happens it can be handled in two ways: either through declaring yourself bankrupt, or through having a Part X Personal Insolvency Agreement.

In both cases, the best approach is to deal with the situation as quickly as possible and that means seeking professional help as soon as you know you’re unable to pay your debts, not when letters of demand or legal threats start arriving.

Taking action early gives creditors confidence to negotiate an agreement with you

Once your creditors are aware you are taking action, they are usually willing to work with you to negotiate an agreement that will bring about a more positive outcome for all involved.

WAIS helps clients solve financial problems and guides them at every step

WAIS’s specialists understand personal insolvency is a difficult time and we help our clients to solve financial problems and guide them through the process to help minimise stress.

Improve your chances of a positive outcome

Once creditors know you have taken steps to address the situation by bringing in professional help, they are usually more willing to negotiate an agreement that results in a positive outcome for all.

Are you unable to pay debts?

Taking action early improves your chances of a positive outcome. Get in touch with our personal insolvency experts today

Why choose Jirsch to help you with personal insolvency matters?


Genuine approach

We understand that every situation is different and tailor our approach to find the best solution for our clients.


Protecting our clients

We are passionate about protecting and helping individuals who are experiencing confusing and difficult financial situations.


Guidance & support

Our experts will guide you through every step of the personal insolvency agreement process.


Registered Trustees

Our personal insolvency experts are Registered Trustees and fully qualified.

You can check their registration on the AFSA Register of Trustees if ever in doubt.

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Personal insolvency solutions for individuals experiencing financial distress

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Do you owe money to creditors such as the ATO and banks? Are you in financial distress?

With guidance from our personal insolvency experts, your debts can be reduced or resolved completely. Take action early.

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